Monoprints and Mixed Media Drawings

Victorian Kimberley

I love using monoprint. No two prints can ever be the same. The process adds texture in unique and often accidental ways. Most of these monoprints were done on location with a pre-inked sheet of plastic, hoping the paper didn't make too much contact before I found a suitable location. Mixed Media drawing were a result of the desire to show something of the age and patina of Kimberley's Victorian Heritage. St Pauls is now a residential apartment block. It must have been a very imposing building in it's day. Certainly one of the fanciest facades on the back streets of any town in the country...surely.

Watercolour paintings inspired by


A series of watercolours using the landscape as inspiration. Some scenes are from a spring visit to RHS Wisley. Others observing the evening light through the trees. All framed in a simple A3 frame.




Brewery Site

The old Hary and Hanson Brewery is long associated with Kimberley. It really was the end of an era when it closed. As I walked the kids to school I saw it's transformation from a working brewery to dereliction and now to redevelopment. My work really focuses on the site when it lay idle with an uncertain future. The buildings continued to demonstrate the raw power of industrial usage while at the same time slowly decaying. The colours of red brick demand to be painted, especially in early morning or evening light.